Complete Exterior Restoration

Free Storm Damage Inspections

Call Peak for Free Storm Damage Inspection. Our technicians are trained and experienced in determining the full extent of the damage the storm has caused to your property.

Roof Replacement

If your property has been damage by a storm, we will work with your insurance adjuster  to make sure you receive the full extent of the the restoration value your policy provides.

Roof Strutural Rebuilding

Our trained and experenced technicians will inspect the structural integrity of your roof. You can rest assured knowing our work is done at the highest professional stand.

Siding & Trim

Peak Exterior handles the complete restoration of your home's exterior. All damaged siding and trim will be professionally replaced.

Gutters & Downspouts

When a roof sustains storm damage, the gutters may be damaged as well. If your gutters are storm damaged, we will make sure they are replaced to the highest level of quality your policy will allow.

Skylights & Windows

Your damaged windows and skylights will be replaced or repaired as your policy allows. All trim and flashing will be professionally applied to insure a proper seal.

Request A Free Storm Damage Inspection

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